Feeling Broken is a horrible place to stay. My prayers tonight are for all those of you who feel this way. I have to admit that I have been in a place like this in the past and it is not a place that you want to stay. Things you can do to come out of this is

1. Find someone you can talk to- if you don't have anyone- please pm me or email  me at - I may not respond quickly- but I will respond 

2. Know your loved- if you don't have anyone or feel loved - know we care about you-your addy family- also God has the greatest love for you : the Bible: John 3:16

3. Look yourself in the mirror every morning and say three things you love about yourself- this is not hard- look into your inner self

4. Find a hobby- something you love to do and use it to bring joy to others

5. Be kind to yourself: do not say anything negative about yourself and treat yourself like you would your best friend

6. Love yourself-Do something small for yourself each day- such as reading a great book or painting your nails or taking a walk- something to nourish the temple of your soul

7. Get in touch with your inner self- find a quite place so you can reflect on your thoughts and focus on the positives

8. Set Goals- plan ahead what you want to accomplish or where you would like to be on three months- set small goals and something you can meet

9. Stop isolating yourself- stop being afraid to post to support groups how you really feel in life- be open ---go on walks and smell the fresh air---if single go on a date--if married then plan a date night--or schedule a night out with old friends

10. Free Yourself- Forgive others for what they have done to you- they are holding your thoughts captive- once you free yourself of the pain- then you are no longer re living any evil and  ready to move forward in life/ the next chapter in your life

11.  Get Spiritual- feed your soul some soul food-whatever religion  you may be- your soul needs fed

12. Understand that Gods purpose for you may not be the path you expected- realize Gods plan is better than your dreams 

13. Cheer Up! Only keep those people close to you that motivate and encourage you on in life- weed out those who bring sadness 

14. Embrace your outter beauty! Lets face it / the majority of America is not on the cover of magazines and some of the most beautiful people never will be- stop critiquing yourself- beauty is noted through Gods eyes and not what society has created it to be

15.  Have Courage and Be kind- like Cinderella says! Have courage and strength to keep going and be kind and everyone will love you! Simple as that!  by Malisha Fuller

Created by Malisha Fuller