Addy Christmas Party

christmas party

Accepting Stamps or $3 donation from July1-Dec 20th for party entry. I am no longer accepting gifts for the party unless you want to provide postage for the gift you send. Everything for the party must be received by Dec 20-2017. Not everyone is guaranteed a prize- you must be present to win.

From Oct 1-Dec 15th I will accept gift cards of any amount or type for Addy Christmas prizes! I am also still accepting any donation gifts to fill the prize boxes & stamps

Any donation made to the party will get you admission to the party.There is no required amount or thing for you to donate. As long as you contribute in some way you will be added to the party.  

All gifts Won at the Christmas party will be surprise gifts- so you wont know what you won- until you get it. The prizes will be sent at Random and will try to spread out the prizes based on amount the person donated to be fair. So if someone sent many gifts,donation, or $ - they will be more likely to win a higher $ prize than someone who only donated $3. All donors who donated over $3 will automatically recive a small gift in the mail one week before christmas. Will mail out the 1st week of December from Texas USA. 

The party is all Dec 24-26th for anyone wanting to join in. Especially for Addy's who live alone, we would love to have you there. 

Also consider donating for another Addy who cant afford to- it helps with postage. I was left with all postage last year and just cant do it again this year raising two girls. This will be the third year we have had a party. 

All gifts donated are used as prizes in the party. We will be sending out extra gifts to those who are alone on Christmas.

anyone who cant afford the $3 donation then please email explaining your situation 

If you need my address to send donations then please pm me on facebook- Malisha Fuller

Any proceeds that are left over will go towards postage to mail a free band to Addys in need. 



Created by Malisha Fuller